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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 15, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> i'm victor blackwell. it's saturday, september 15th, good to have you with us. the man behind the anti-muslim film that sparked protests in the middle east was escorted from his home. that is him bundled in a coat. he left voluntarily, but didn't speak to reporters as he left his house. this all happened just a few hours ago. he was supposed to have only limited access to the internet, of course, the trailer for his movie was found on youtube. we'll let you know as soon as we get more on this development. we have seen anti-american protests in more than a dozen countries so far. this morning we saw protests pop up in sydney, australia. turned violent with protesters clashing with police near the consulate. especially trained u.s. marines
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were sent to help beef up security. in benghazi, four americans were killed in the first few hours of the protests there. their bodies were returned to the u.s. on friday. cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon visited the ruins of the destroyed consulate and she has more on what happened and why. >> amid the ash, soot and debris, remnants of a life that was and what it meant to those stationed here. scrawled on this sheet, libya is so important. traces of blood stained the walls. what is now a blackened ruin, was a pleasant compound in an upscale benghazi neighborhood. libyan officials say tuesday night's attack was planned by islamist militants and quickly overwhelmed the libyan and american guards. the compound's first line of
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defense easily breached. according to one of the libyan guards who was stationed at the gate, armed with only a radio, the assault happened simultaneously from three different directions. he says that he initially heard chanting growing increasingly louder and then, suddenly, the gunfire, the rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine gun fire all began attacking the compound. he is so terrified of reprecussions he is refusing to appear on camera. at one point the masked men came over and threatened to kill him at gun point for protecting the infidels. he only survived because another individual within their ranks intervened and managed to lead him away. a rocket-propelled grenade took out the power and set the main residence on fire. here, the bedroom where u.s. ambassador chris stevens stayed. part of a small suite. we are told this is where the ambassador, after being separated from his guards in the
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chaos, smoke and darkness died of smoke inhalation. what we're being told is that the ambassador's security detail brought him into this location, shutting the door, trying to ensure his safety. and then we are being told when the situation finally calmed down the ambassador's body was then taken out through this window by a group of libyans. >> reporter: other consulate staff were evacuated to what was supposed to be a safe house, but then it, too, was targeted. that's where two more americans died. libya's government has vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice, but the country's president touring the site admitted that would be difficult. >> we'll do our most, whether we succeed or not, but we expect help from our friends. >> currently you're not capable. currently you cannot control these groups, currently.
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>> not far from the truth. >> reporter: the question is whether the united states underestimated the threat from hostile groups here. one security libyan official told me he met with officials three days before the attack took place. he says he warned them not for the first time that security in benghazi was deteriorating. he said, "we told the americans the situation was frightening. it scares us." the ambassador, too, seems to be aware of the general threat from islamist militants, but no one anticipated the terrible violence that would take his life and the life of three other americans on tuesday night. arwa damon, cnn, benghazi, libya. we have also seen several days of mass protests and demonstrations in egypt, but egyptian security forces there have cracked down arresting more than 140,000 protesters. let's bring in ian lee.
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half the protests there let up in the capital? >> well, randi, it seems to be over now. earlier this morning the police with the heavy, heavy presence pushed the protesters away from the u.s. embassy, forcing them to tahrir square and from there they pushed them out of the square and, really, the protesters melted away into the city. we haven't seen any more protests, any more conflict and there is a heavy presence of police presence in tahrir square and around the embassy. the walls that the police put up to stop protesters from going to the embassy, they're still there and it doesn't look like they're leaving any time soon. >> what are you hearing and what more can you tell us about this attack by militants at a u.n. peacekeeping base in sinai? >> well, this, this base of multi-force observers their mission is to watch the border
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between egypt and israel. yesterday militants attacked this compound. the egyptian army says that they went after these militants with tanks, armor personnel carerier and were able to push them back. what we're hearing is that four peacekeepers were injured from fiji, but this is something that the militants have been threatening these multi-force observers before and there are americans who make up this observation mission. so, this is something that we're watching closely as the violence in sinai seems to be escalating, at least from now. >> ian lee, thank you very much. appreciate that. an attack at a military base in southern afghanistan this morning has left two u.s. marines dead and at least three others wounded. this base is home to american-run camp leatherneck. military officials called it a sustained attack and say as many
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as 20 insurgents were killed. the taliban has claimed responsibility. now, this is the same base where prince harry is stationed, but officials said he was in no danger. speaking of the british royal family, they've initiated legal action against a french magazine that printed photos of kate middleton topless. french law could impose stiff fines or have the magazine called "closer" pulled from shelves. the teditor says the pictures were taken from the road while the couple was on vacation there. the editor defends the photos as a matter of the famous couple's security. back here at home, a circuit judge has tossed out major portions of wisconsin's collective bargaining law. the law backed by republican governor scott walker limits the rights of public employee unions like teacher unions. the judge ruled yesterday the law violates both the state and u.s. constitutions.
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but this legal battle is probably long from over. after the ruling, governor walker suggested the state would appeal the decision. we have much more ahead this hour. >> here's a look at what's coming up. it's the film being blamed for the deaths of four americans and protests around the world. would the filmmaker talking to the fbi, cnn has details on exactly who he is. they are breaking points, the thresholds of no return and maybe what separates peace from war. they're called red lines. all morning, we're putting them in focus. want a big gulp? in new york you're out of luck. we go out on the street to see what people are saying about the new sugar laws. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac
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let's get back to the middle east and protests aimed at the united states. the sentiment is a stark reminder how some people in other countries view the u.s. this morning we're exploring the red line, that is the imaginary line between tolerance and action. the line between standing by and defending yourself and attacking your attackers. and the question is, when does the white house cross that line? >> what i want all of you to know is that we are going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice. i want people around the world to hear me to all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. it will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present
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to the rest of the world. no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> joining me now from new york is ambassador ted who previously served as ambassador in syria and the united arab emirates. good morning. the president talks about bringing the attackers to justice. is that something the u.s. can do or something they'll have to count on the host countries to do? >> well, it's something we're going to have to do in consultation with host country officials. libya does have an elected president and prime minister. they want good relations with the united states. and they realize how serious this whole affair is. on the other hand, the libyans have been very sensitive with the international criminal court wanted, for instance, the son of gadhafi tried in the hague. they've pushed back and said, no, we'll try him here, according to our laws. he'll get a fair trial. >> we have seen the u.s. reinforce some of the embassies
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with especially trained marines. what is their red line? i mean, when do they decide to go ahead and fire? >> well, i believe that, first of all, either the theater command or the president has to given the order. probably the theater commancomm. they will be called into action eeth whr the host country cannot protect our diplomatic installation. at that point, they go in to secure the compound or the safehouses and to extract or evacuate diplomatic staff. >> this morning we're talking a lot about the red line, basically when to go to war and when to take action. now, the president used the term when talking about syria last month saying the red line was actually chemical or biological weapons falling into the wrong hands. that is what would drive him, he said, to take some action. does that kind of talk work in places like syria? >> oh, i think it does.
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president assad has his hands full with an opposition that is increasingly well organized and well armed. and he, the last thing he wants is u.s. or western intervention. so, i'm sure he has taken to heart the admonition that he better protect his chemical and biological weapons. >> we apparently crossed the red line in libya earlier this year when they committed to air strikes. is that level of commitment, do you think, what we should expect in countries like syria if we did, indeed, go in? >> i think we would use air power in the first instance, but, you know, obviously, if we're talking about chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands, especially trained, special operation groups whether s.e.a.l.s or others at some point would have to be emplaced
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in the ground and either get those weapons out of there or destroy them. >> how important is it for a country if they lay down a red line like the u.s. to stick to that red line? >> oh, it's incredibly important. and i think that's one of the reasons that president obama is not allowing prime minister netanyahu of israel to bully him into setting up red lines with iran because we don't want to give up our option on how and when to go to war and for another country to try to dictate that to us is very sensitive. >> we've seen the u.s. embassy attacked and we have seen u.s. embassies all attacked before. the ihostage crisis and in august 7th, 1998, 224 people died in attack on kenya and tanzan tanzania. is the attack in benghazi any different than those attacks?
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>> every attach tack is a bit different, but you're on, you're on the right track that all of these attacks were well planned. they weren't spontaneous. this was not an attack over the film trailer that defamed the prophet of islam. this was a group that is close to al qaeda, that had been looking for an opportunity to attack our diplomatic presence on the ground in tripoli and found it, or, excuse me, in libya and found it. >> all right, ambassador, we appreciate your time this morning. certainly an important discussion as we watch all this red line discussion taking place almost on a daily basis now. thank you. >> thank you, randi. coming up next hour, we'll talk about possible permanent changes to changes in the wake of these attacks. victor? the action as of a washington professor have revived a long-running debate. find out what she did in front of a class full of students. you're watching cnn saturday
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adrian pines is an assistant professor in washington and when her daughter spiked a low fever last month pine could not take her to day care and she did not want to cancel her lecture. >> not surprisingly, the baby got fussy and pine breastfed her until she fell asleep, breastfed her right there in the classroom. she did it discreetly, but some students were uncomfortable. >> she did not intend to ignite a debate over breastfeeding at work. the difficulty many parents have with finding emergency day care. >> so, we want your take on this story. do you think a professor should breastfeed her child during class? >> tweet your responses to randikayecnn or @victorcnn. >> we'll read some of your responses on air. now to a story that sparked an entirely different kind of controversy. we're learning more about the man believed to be behind the
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this morning federal ageance interviewed the man behind the anti-islamic film that people are protesting. here he is nakoula basseley
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nakoula. you can barely make him out there. he is there with the white scarf, the scarf is pretty thick covering up most of his face. >> he may have violated, but we are still learning more about him but cnn has been staking out his house for days. >> this is the house in california where nakoula stays hunkered down. this is where we find federal authorities are checking in whether his activities over the last several months violated his probation. the spotlight on the filmmaker growing stronger. the court is reviewing nakoula basseley nakoula's case to see if he broke his probation. supervised probation after his 2010 conviction for credit card fraud and identity theft. most glaring the filmmaker was barred from using any devices that would access the internet, except those approved by his
7:26 am
probation officer and he was also ordered to pay nearly $800,000. >> what kind of man do you think nakoula is? >> nakoula is a very smart man and will do anything for money or fame. >> he would only talk to us on the phone, he now lives in fear. >> how afraid is the coptic community right now? >> the coptic community is very afraid because of what muslims do when someone tries to demean their prophet. >> nakoula made his film with well-known antiislamic individuals. he also runs a satellite tv station in l.a. obtained the permit for the film and allowed part of it to be shot in his studio. >> kill my people. >> reporter: also has ties to steve klein, the anticonsultant
7:27 am
of the film and he speaks by robert spencer and pamela geller. >> my country is conquered by islam right now. >> reporter: the irony of film targeting one faith is endangering the other. >> two individuals representing themselves as lawyers entered the house a while ago. they came here at his request and appears the world's most infamous filmmaker is now looking for options. randi, victor. >> miguel marquez, thank you. if you're planning to buy the new iphone 5, why you may have to wait a bit longer to put your hands on one. the latest on the fed's move to stimulate the economy. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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